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Tips for Better Photographs


In general, the more you do something the more you realise that others do it better. Photography is no different. Here are some tips that make sense from where I'm at:




1) Don't get too bogged down about your equipment - just use what you have as best you can

Photographers are judged on their photographs, not their equipment.


2) Be clear what you want from your photos

Why are you taking photos? What are your favourite subjects? When you get better at it, where are your good photos going?


3) Take more photos!

The more you take, the more you can learn (if you look at them closely or ask others for their honest opinions).


4) Edit your photos hard

How many people have shown you every photo from their holiday, good or bad?

Be hard on your shots and throw out obviously bad photos right away, making a note of whatever mistake you made and vowing not to do it again.

 Now make a more critical assessment of the rest and only keep the very best.


5) Do something with your good photos

Now you're only keeping your best photos its time to show you value them. You can put them in a decent album, add captions, and even get enlargements to put on your wall. How about a web site like this one!

You should also be keeping and filing the negatives/ original files because they are worth more to you.


6) Take notice of good photos taken by other people

Why do you like it?

How was it done?

Could you copy the technique?

Are there books on that topic?

A good start are the photographers in my links page.


Now when you show people your photos they will see better photographs presented well, and thus see a better photographer.


I've learned much from the web, magazines and books. I also have much more to learn, but I hope you found this helpful.





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