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I'm a great believer in constant learning, and I regularly trawl through other photography sites. These links have been useful and inspirational, and I commend them to you (in no particular order).



People, Portrait, Fashion, Photojournalism,  etc

Jacob Langvad Platon Mark Tucker
Nick Cobbing Andy Farrington Harry Borden
Julian Dodd Michael Birt Toby Morris
Dirk Franke Lovegrove Rod Edwards
Patrick Wilen Richard Hume Russell Rutherford
Steve Pyke Chris Blaszczyk Michael Muller
Chris Gloag Carl de Keyzer Diego Uchitel
Bill Phelps Nancy Brown Eolo Perfido
Sacha Waldman (slow!) Miles Aldridge Peter Yang
Stephanie de Leng Doreen Beers-Michel David Allan Brandt
Ross Whitaker Phil Holland

Landscape, Nature, Travel etc

Art Wolfe Andy Rouse Charlie Waite
E J Peiker Tom Mackie Jean-Philippe Poli
Laurie Campbell Steve Bloom Nick Rains
Thomas D Mangelsen



Photography Resources

The Luminous Landscape

Michael Reichmann runs this fantastic web resource, including my forum of choice.

Fred Miranda

Both the reviews and the forums are good (though as always there is lots of 'what should I buy next' chatter that you need to filter out).

Photojournalism with emphasis on portraiture. Good technique section.


Photography network for North West England.

Rob Galbraith

This site usually has the latest digital news - especially software upgrades/ downloads.

The Digital Journalist

Excellent field reports, galleries and links. There are some very thought-provoking images from the world's trouble spots that you're not going to see in print very often.

British Journal of Photography

I pay for the magazine, but a lot is free on the web.

Some good equipment reviews - mainly Canon gear

Warehouse Express

Good range of equipment at keen prices (by UK standards), and very prompt delivery.


This outfit seems to polarise opinion, but my experience has only been good. Their base in the Channel Islands allows them to supply to the UK without VAT on small packages, so most orders come in a series of small padded bags; annoying for mainland traders but great for amateur photographers! Started with film and inkjet supplies and now have lots of choice though they seem to have dumped their stocks of high-end cameras and lenses.


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