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Equipment review: ColorVision Spyder


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Several new monitor calibration packages have been launched recently. As a result Iíve seen several internet reviews criticising the original spider as over the hill. However, I suggest you treat these as hi-fi reviews that laud a new product at launch and then find fault six months later when it is re-released with a new badge. As most people viewing the web have no idea what screen calibration is all about I see no point in getting too fussy about this.

When I boot my PC I first see my wallpaper photo as it would have been without calibration. The ColorVision package then transforms it spectacularly. Iím sure the improvement could be slightly better, but I can get good prints as it is. If you donít have any monitor calibration software then I suggest you get some - a second hand spyder must be a bargain now!

For the record I also bought Colorvisionís PrintFix printer profiling package but didnít find it quite so useful. (In fact rubbish sums it up for me - I didn't even have the nerve to sell it on Ebay).

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