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Equipment review: Epson Stylus Photo 2100 printer


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Provided youíre happy printing on matte paper this is a fantastic printer. It is heavier and more solid than the 1290 and the inks are more permanent (in my experience the 1290 inks fade quite quickly in strong light).

I had intended to invest in a custom profile for the 2100 when I ordered it, but prints straight from the box were so much better than what I'd had before that it didnít seem worth it. However, I began to realise that images had just a little too much red - especially in skin tones. I therefore invested in a colour profile from Stone Quay Studio. Initial impressions are very favourable - especially as the profile cost less than a box of paper!

Ink for this printer can be quite expensive on the high street, but there are very good prices available on the internet if you look. I'm using huge amounts of light cyan and light magenta; very little black. The good news is that so far the heads have never blocked.

It is well worth changing more than one cartridge at a time to save the others from multiple flushes.

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