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Equipment review: Canon EF-S 60mm f2.8 macro


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Spider on cashew fruit - GoaCashew fruit, Goa, IndiaThis lens is very very good - so good that it justifies ownership of a Canon cropped-sensor (as the EFs mount will not fit full-frame sensors).


I like macro photography without taking it too seriously - I just want to take good quality hand-held photos of small stuff. I don't carry a tripod and I don't have fancy macro flash, brackets etc etc. For me the 60mm macro is ideal because it is small enough to fit in a pocket yet doubles a dedicated macro lens and a pretty good portrait lens. Performance wide open is excellent.


The hood is the usual Canon rip-off but worth having all the same. The hood from the 100mm macro does fit and works perfectly but is too long to reverse on the lens while it is attached to a camera body. By contrast the dedicated hood is a little too short and could easily be 5mm longer.


Focus is both fast and accurate, colours are excellent, and the lens is small and lights. Performance seems as good as the 100mm macro but far more practical when travelling as it is around half the length.


Now that I've sold my 10-22mm lens, this is the only EFs lens that I own, yet I really don't want to let it go. That's how good it is.


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