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Equipment review: Canon EOS 5D


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I purchased the 5D in March 2006 and it is the best piece of photographic equipment I have ever owned. Image quality is superb and the camera is a joy to use.


The 5D feels very solid - about the weight of an EOS 1V. The viewfinder seems huge after getting used to the 350D and makes manual focus much more realistic. I certainly don't need the eyepiece extender I've been using on the 350D. I have fitted the grid focussing screen and find it really helpful in composition and avoiding bending verticals with the wide angle lenses.


Exposure and auto focus are very reliable. Selecting focus point with the joystick is far quicker than the system on the EOS3. I've never come close to filling the buffer, so the camera is always ready to take another picture.


Below is a picture from the East Lancashire Railway. I have a very nice A3+ print of this on my son's wall and he's never mentioned the slight purple fringing on the tree branches; I saw it on the screen but not the print ...


Click for larger version


The 5D is a much bigger camera than the 350D and is also three times the price. There's therefore a limit to where I'm prepared to take it so I still take the 350D when travelling for business.


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