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Equipment review: Canon 28-70mm f2.8 L


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Click for larger versionThis is a fantastic lens but weighs a ton and draws more attention to the user than you may want. However, itís also the best universal travel lens I own.

For many years I had idolised these beasts without ever considering buying one. During 1998 I met an American tourist in Nepal using this lens with an EOS 1N. For the first time it dawned on me that professional equipment can be bought by anyone with the money. The rest, as they say, is history!

Its said that most people tend to use zoom lenses at their extremes and I was no exception when I first bought this lens. For some reason 28mm never quite seemed wide enough and 70mm was never quite long enough. However, as a package it can do most things very well. Iíve now taught myself to visualise the image; set the right focal length and move around to get what I want Ė largely by forcing myself to use primes more and the zoom only when I have to.

When I switched from film to the EOS 350D I found this lens equally useful even though it became slightly 'longer' and less 'wide'. This lens shows great quality whatever you may read elsewhere on the internet, so if the 24-70 is significantly better its obviously really good! Mounted on the 5D the lens is once again ideal. I've seen some very slight purple fringing in high contrast areas but nothing that showed on a super A3 print. (Folks can get hung up about things you see on the screen that really don't matter.)

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