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Equipment review: Canon 24mm f1.4L


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  I bought this lens in November 2006 as yet another EBay 'bargain' and it has become one of may favourites on the Canon 5D.


If you read through the internet reviews of this lens you might conclude that it, and all Canon wide angle lenses, are hopeless. However, I don't tend to stare at the corners of my shots at 100% on my monitor and I'm perfectly happy with it . This is probably because I use it for the sort of shots it was designed for - low light grabs where using anything else would be almost impossible.


Most of the shots at Norma's Party were taken with the 24L. The hall had relatively little light and what was there threw odd colour casts on people. I therefore used fill-flash from the 550EX using ISO 1600 and set the camera manually to make the most of the background light. The lens was able to find focus and gave me enough coverage to catch action without having to compose too hard. An EOS 5D allows you to crop quite hard if you have to and still get good quality prints at high ISO. Similar shots were possible at a recent firework display - this time without any fill flash.


My only niggle with the 24L, which it shares with the 35L, is that the hood is rounded so that the lens cannot stand on it. This can be a real pain when trying to change lenses.


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