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Equipment review: Canon 20-35mm f3.5-4.5


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I had this lens a long time and it served me well in my film days. However, it had to go once I had bought the Canon 10-22mm for the EOS 350.

The lens itself is very small and light and would be ideal as a travel lens if the Canon hood were not so huge! The hood is very wide and I had to remove it from the lens and hide it somewhere in my bag. This caused general panic when I had to find it again when its time to take pictures. Alas the same hood is now required for the Canon 10-22mm and 17-40mm (but at least I didn't need to buy a new one).

My lens was good at 20mm and more dubious at the 35mm end. It isn't a star when used wide open at any focal length compared with more expensive lenses but that shouldn't surprise anyone. Once you're at f8 it is excellent.

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