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Equipment review: Canon 15mm f2.8


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This is a great toy for the classic caricature shown on the right.


I had never owned a fish eye lens before buying this in February 2005. My initial observations were that:

1) the front element is very vulnerable especially as it tends to be very close to subjects; and

2) the push-over lens cap on my version was quite loose (I had an elastic band around the lens in my bag to stop the cover falling off).


As the lens was just sitting in my bag doing nothing, I set off on a mission to do something with it. The picture of daisies in my garden was the best result I managed. In doing this I learned two extra points:

3) The lens focuses very close and can give interesting results when there are no obvious straight lines in the frame. However, you have to be very careful not to touch the subject with the front element.

4) The lens handles flare very well - I shot a series with the sun actually in frame, and though flare did occur it was well-contained.


In the end I decided to sell the lens because I couldn't see myself using it much. It's a great toy but if its not in your bag it will never get used. I always found a reason to take another lens instead. However, the joy of eBay is that I sold it with very little loss.

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