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Equipment review: Canon EFs 10-22mm f3.5-4.5


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Big wheel in Manchester's Exchange SquareGetting a good wide angle is one of the big issues with digital SLRs in general and crop bodies in particular. This Canon lens is a fairly expensive solution that was made more palatable thanks to a 70 pounds rebate voucher in the box with my EOS 350D. The other good news was that I could use the lens hood from my 20-35mm lens, thus avoiding having to pay yet another fortune for a bit of plastic.

The lens works really well on the 350D - it is lightweight and produces great images even when wide open. Most of the pictures I took in Beijing were taken with this lens (the few taken with the 85mm should be fairly obvious). The interiors were hand-held wide open at ISO 800 or 1600 and look great to me!

Once I bought the EOS 5D I had a little regret that I bought an EFS lens ( I've since bought the 17-40mm for wide-angle duty on the 5D). Therefore with regret the 10-22mm has been sold. In my view the 17-40mm isn't as good as the 10-22mm, but unfortunately it doesn't fit on my main camera.

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