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Photo thanks to Swiss crew en route to MumbaiWelcome to my web site. I am a compulsive photographer based in Manchester, England. This site is my way of sharing my favourite photographs with family, friends and the wider internet community. I also undertake portrait commissions when asked nicely.


My primary subjects are now people. It is a great challenge because each of us is both unique and constantly changing. It can take a great deal of persuading to get a subject in front of the camera, but it is normally worth it. I get a big kick when the resulting image works well for me and the subject. The great goal is to capture a sense of their spirit in addition to their looks.


I started this site in the days before high-speed internet when sending a photo in an email could jam the recipients phone line for hours. Rather than pushing a few of my photos a people, the site allows me to display a larger selection to those who are interested. The site is still largely targeted at family, friends and personal contacts but I hope it is interesting to those surfing through.


I have learned much about photography by looking at both images and reviews on the web. I hope you find these links interesting and useful too - I only add sites that I like personally and I don't do it based on any cash or links exchange.


I also decided to add my own Tips for better photographs and some Equipment reviews.


Please enjoy the site, and feel free to give me any feedback on its content. This site now gets a large number of hits every month, yet I rarely hear from anyone!


Nigel Atkinson


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Nigel Atkinson